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We are a team of change-makers who believe that ensuring good mental health can create a better world for everyone.

In March of 2012, Ghana passed the Mental Act 846, which established a mental health commission charged with managing mental health issues and outlining protections for individuals with mental health issues. After the act, mental health services have increased gradually. 

However, data shows that the availability of qualified personnel to provide healthcare is still very low, resulting in mistreatment or undertreatment of sick individuals. Still, individuals with mental illnesses are stigmatized due to inadequate public access to mental health education and awareness of mental issues.

Our approach

Our Mission
Ensuring better Mental health

The Ghana Youth Movement for Mental Health (GYMMH) seeks to bridge the knowledge gap in the country by sensitizing and educating the Ghanaian youth (students) on mental health, the realities of living with these conditions, and the strategies for attaining a sound state of mental health and wellness. We also seek to draw attention to suicide, caused mainly by some mental illnesses. By empowering the youth with knowledge about mental health, we are helping to alleviate the negative stigma associated with mental illnesses and setting them up to be advocates for mental health issues in society. This would also broaden mental health conversations to include unaffected families in society. 

Our Vision
A world where everyone is safe mentally

The Ghana Youth Movement for Mental Health envisions a future where a majority of the Ghanaian population is educated on mental health, discussions on mental health are requisite at schools and workplaces, and all negative sentiments towards mental illnesses are alleviated. The success of this initiative might also encourage the youth to pursue psychiatry and other mental health services professions that would increase the number of qualified personnel available to provide quality mental health care to the public.

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